Tutorburg offers a variety of consulting services for parents, educators, community outreach programs and more.


Opportunity to ask questions about your child’s educational needs.

Educational Consulting

Mindy holds an Iowa teaching license with a dyslexia specialist endorsement. Her Master’s degree is in Education Leadership and with nearly 20 years in education Mindy can advise on nearly all things education. She specializes in:

  • Public school:
    • classroom management
    • Tier 2 & 3 reading, writing, and spelling intervention
    • Universal reading, writing, handwriting, and spelling instruction
  • Homeschool:
    • curriculum building
    • student assessment
    • teaching styles
    • learning environment

Advocacy Coaching

Homeschooling with Barton Coaching

One on one coaching via zoom or phone. Learn tips and tricks to making Barton lessons fun through incorporating games and students choice. Gain access to valuable resources and tools with Mindy’s personalized Barton Companion Course. Mindy can answer questions, conduct a post-test, a review session, or model a tricky new teaching. Meet as frequently as needed.

Homeschool Support

Licensed Supervising Teacher for Supervision requirements or recommendations on curriculum purchases, scheduling, lesson planning, pacing, and optimizing the environment for learning.

Handwriting Assessment

The Print Tool is a handwriting assessment designed to assess students in six areas of penmanship: memory, orientation, placement, size, start, and  sequence. This evaluation will include a written report on the findings, IEP style goals and objectives, as well as a comprehensive plan to remediate.

Literacy Assessment

Students will be given multiple reading assessment measures to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses. Parents will be provided with a complete comprehensive literacy assessment report that can be taken to schools or a private diagnostician. This evaluation is informative only and does not result in a medical diagnosis. The series of assessments may require more than one appointment. 

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