My name is Mindy VanZuiden, owner of Tutorburg. I have taught in the public school system for nearly 20 years. My Undergraduate Degree is in K-12 Physical Education, my Master’s Degree is in Educational Leadership, I am a Certified Barton Tutor at the beginning level, and I am a Certified Dyslexia Specialist. In 2018 when I decided to leave the full-time classroom to homeschool my children I didn’t know much about dyslexia. As I became more familiar with homeschooling, I attended training on dyslexia and my jaw hit the ground. How had I missed this in myself and my children and what was I going to do with this new knowledge? Thankfully that training included an introduction to the Barton Reading and Spelling System and I was hooked. Since then, I have brought my own daughter through the Barton Reading and Spelling System (all ten levels) and I am working through the program with my son. My passion was ignited and the work continues. I opened Tutorburg in 2019 to share the gift of learning to read with everyone. My hope is that we can provide encouragement to those struggling to find their way in a world full of print.

I have trained in the following programs:

  • Dyslexia Specialist Certification through the University of Florida and the UFLI program
  • Certified Barton Tutor at the Beginning Level  
  • Foundation in Sounds
  • Handwriting Without Tears 
  • LiPS by Lindamood Bell
  • IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)
  • Dyslexia Simulations by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Facts & Questions

How long has Tutorburg been serving students? 

  • Mindy began Tutorburg at the beginning of 2018-2019 school year.

How many tutors work for Tutorburg?

  • We currently have 4 Barton Tutors. Steph Jones began tutoring in 2020 and Kati Spore and Dorothy Miller both joined in 2021.

What services does Tutorburg provide?

  • Barton Reading and Spelling System
  • Foundation in Sounds
  • LiPS by Lindamood Bell
  • IEW
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Education Assessment in Literacy
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Homeschool Consulting
  • Dyslexia Simulations
  • Professional Development
  • Dyslexia Awareness presentations

How many students do you serve each year?  

Tutorburg is serving over 20 students and growing. Each tutor has limited availability. We announce openings via Facebook or email whenever we are accepting new students. We often have a wait list but whenever possible we hire to support more students or refer to other Barton tutors. 

What is your focus during a tutoring session (homework help, remediation)?

Our main focus is the Barton Reading and Spelling System and Foundation in Sounds whenever needed. Mindy can also provide tutoring in LiPS by Lindamood Bell, IEW, and Handwriting Without Tears. 

We do have Math Homework Help! Drop in rates are $20 per hour – Mondays from 4pm-6pm in person only at Tutorburg 600 Court Street Suite 3 Williamsburg, IA 52361.

Barton Students: What expectations do you have for the parents?  Are we expected to work with our son/daughter at home?

Parents are encouraged to do the following (as recommended by Susan Barton):

1. Use only one reading intervention program

2. Increase the frequency of tutoring during the summer

3. Fight for Classroom Accommodations

4. Read to your child every night

5. Avoid handwriting by using technology

6. Find and develop their strengths and talents

7. Educate yourself on dyslexia

What communication and interaction do you have with the student’s school?

Because our tutors specialize in tutoring children, we do not attend IEP or 504 meetings and we do not communicate with a student’s school. Mindy does offer Educational Advocacy as a separate service and can communicate with schools on behalf of students being served by Tutorburg. She can also attend IEP or 504 meetings with parents and make recommendations on IEP goals or 504 accommodations. 

Barton Students: How often do you provide feedback to parents on the child’s progress?  What types of feedback do you provide?

Feedback is provided weekly through a parent communication google document. Parents can see their student’s progress and ask questions as the form is interactive. Tutors will be available for consultations at no charge for items that take less than 10 minutes. If more time is needed, please set up an appointment at the current hourly rate.

Barton Students: What is your hourly fee?  What happens if my child has to miss a session?

We are tuition based so equal payments are made at the beginning of each month. There are no refunds for missed or canceled appointments. Make-up sessions will be attempted for missed appointments where some advanced notice was given. More information can be found in the tutoring agreement.

Barton Students: How many sessions per week do you recommend?

It is recommended by Susan Barton that there are no fewer than 2 sessions per week. More sessions are offered based on tutor availability.  Discounts are offered for those booking 4 or more sessions per week or those with two or more students enrolled.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we would be happy to offer a free consultation and are looking forward to meeting you in person or virtually on zoom.

Where are you located?

  • Tutorburg’s main location is at 600 Court Street Suite 3 Williamsburg IA 52361  
  • Mindy often works from her home in Williamsburg
  • Dorothy works from her home in Wellman, IA 52356 offering virtual tutoring
  • We all offer virtual tutoring and can serve students in multiple time zones

Does Tutorburg offer anything for the public sector?

Mindy has been contracted to provide Dyslexia Simulations and Professional Development for schools and can offer Dyslexia Awareness Presentations for Libraries, Churches, and Businesses. 

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