Tutorburg Programs

Tutorburg offers several programs that can benefit any student; including students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD and LD.
Barton Reading and Spelling

Barton Reading and Spelling

Designed for children with Dyslexia, this program is a “multisensory” reading program that helps kids make connections between sounds and words.

Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears®

This innovative curriculum draws on years of research and provides developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies for early writing.

Foundation in Sounds

Foundation in Sounds

A supplemental program to the Barton Reading and Spelling program for students struggling to pass Part C of the Barton Screening.

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One-on-one Tutoring with Tutorburg

Tutoring involves teamwork between parent, child and tutor. With effective communication, well-planned goals and some advance preparation, the first tutoring session will be off to an outstanding start.

Tutorburg recommends 2 – 50 minute sessions per week.

*Remote tutoring available.

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