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Lindsey is a homeschool mom of five currently providing Foundation in Sounds, Barton Reading and Spelling System, and My Multiplication Magic.

Lindsey Carey is a former physical therapist whose desire to be home with her 5 children eventually led to homeschooling. She started homeschooling in 2019 when her three oldest were going into 6th, 5th and 2nd grade. Lindsey noticed immediately how her 2nd grade daughter struggled with spelling, even after trying several different types of curriculum. This eventually led her to Barton Reading and Spelling System and the realization that her daughter likely had dyslexia which was contributing to her daughter’s difficulties with spelling as well as math. Lindsey has been so impressed with the progress her daughter has made, not only in her ability to spell, but her overall confidence with spelling and reading. Lindsey is a firm believer in the Barton system and is so excited to tutor other students that are struggling as well! Lindsey is looking forward to teaching My Multiplication Magic in her home as well as offering it as a new service through Tutorburg.

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